Social media platforms have been considered treasure mines for marketers since people started flocking to them in droves. They played an incredible role for the past decade in promoting products and services, but as nothing is constant in this world, a new avenue has opened up that’s threatening to take the spotlight: Chatbots.   The […]

Did you ever watch ‘I, Robot’ and think to yourself; wouldn’t it be nice if you had a voice assistant at home to get things done for you after a long day at work? That future had naturally seemed so far away, as far as Robots being common household items, but we now know that […]

Technology has more than surpassed our expectations in the past few years; giving life to creations we would have never seen coming a couple of decades ago. One of said creations just happens to be Artificial Intelligence, a form of technology that has topped the charts with how it’s advanced in leaps and bounds since […]

The influencer market is rather fickle and keeps most influencers on their toes. To retain people’s interest in your offerings, you need to constantly churn out content, which let’s face it, in the long run, isn’t a feasible task. You need time to do other things, like eat, sleep and you know, live your life. […]

No matter what industry or field your company specializes in, chatbots will be a great asset to it. Here’s why it’s commonly believed that chatbots will have a remarkable influence on your sale rates: they make things simple. In this day and age, no one can deny that the evolution of technology has spoiled us. […]

While the most common belief on the web is that millennials are slowly destroying various industries, that’s not entirely true, as technology has become a particular weakness for millennials that can be exploited to open doors for industries to bloom. Millennials have become dependent on the internet to a large degree, what’s to say businesses […]

Your business has a defining point that makes it unique over any other business out there: take advantage of that and make the most of distinctive point with the help of a specially made, tailored chatbot.   No matter how big or small your business is, it can surely use a constantly growing mascot that […]

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