Chat Your Way to Sales

No matter what industry or field your company specializes in, chatbots will be a great asset to it. Here’s why it’s commonly believed that chatbots will have a remarkable influence on your sale rates: they make things simple.

In this day and age, no one can deny that the evolution of technology has spoiled us. Everything is available at the tips of our fingers with no strain or effort. Gone are the days where people would scour hours on end for one particular item or the other, the internet has made that point practically obsolete. Whether you find that item or not, the internet can offer alternatives that might be more appealing and more to your liking.

Due to that, people have gotten used to getting things easily. Anything that requires various steps or roundabout routes becomes too much of a bother for users that they give up. The easier the process, the more likely people are to follow it.

In fact, it’s much better when they don’t realize they’ve already gotten part-way into the process before thinking about it. That’s what’s great about bots, they provide everything the user is likely to want, offering the perfect product to suit their needs that will eventually make it hard for the user to step back and say no to buying it.

There are so many ways that chatbots can ease the buying process for users. For example, a customer can visit your company website, be greeted by a chatbot that welcomes them and then asks if there’s anything it can help them with. The bot can then respond to the user, given particular variables, giving out the most suitable products for them, making it hard for them to not end up either purchasing or subscribing to your site, creating a jump in your conversion rate.

Another example, when you integrate your bot with your Facebook page, your bot can be accessed via messenger as well. People can often recommend to a friend a particular product or brand they recently made a purchase from, then send a link to the Facebook page, or get in touch with the brand’s chatbot via the messenger app. The bot can then lead the user all throughout the purchase process without them leaving the messenger app. The ease with which this can be accomplished speeds up the sale process creating an independent alternative sales funnel.

Selling products becomes that simple. Quick and hassle free.

As for the bot building itself? It’s made up of two parts, conversational script and bot development. With Botme however, they take care of the development aspect with all its complexities, in addition to managing your entire business for you, leaving you with the easy part.

In the end, keeping up with the times means adapting and making the most of what technology brings to the table. In this case, it comes in the form of bots that help spike up sales, bring in customers and keep them interested.

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