Hook, Line and Sinker Luring Millennials with Conversational Commerce

While the most common belief on the web is that millennials are slowly destroying various industries, that’s not entirely true, as technology has become a particular weakness for millennials that can be exploited to open doors for industries to bloom. Millennials have become dependent on the internet to a large degree, what’s to say businesses can’t find the right approach to capitalize on that dependency with the use of chatbots?


Since the dawn of ICQ, AOL, YAHOO and MSN messenger, millennials, as the first digital natives, had gotten accustomed to facilitated communication with people they care about and even befriending strangers on the internet. Which is why it’s now apparent that the dominantly used apps after the surge of mobile applications died down are messaging apps as there are over 4.1 billion users on messaging apps and the number is only going to increase from there. That’s why conversational commerce is the ideal evolution to lure millennials in.


It’s widely spread that for millennials in this day and age, the idea of calling customer service to inquire about something makes them anxious, as, according to a research conducted by Goldman Sachs, 69% of them affirmed that they felt good about a company that would be able to solve whatever problem they had without the need to talk to customer service. For millennials particularly, experiences leave a more lasting effect on their minds, thus, having a good customer experience is more likely to have them return to a business than any loyalty they may have to a brand.


Millennials are a breed unto themselves, they’re the generation that grew up with the first steps of technology and prefer making the most out of the internet. They’re the biggest sales market on so many scales as millennials are the biggest generation in US history making for more than 92 million people at least. Since over 2.5 billion people use messengers, and 65% of people want to message businesses since they consider that to be both fast and convenient, capitalizing on such a promising market is the best way to grow a business.


That’s not to say the only people likely to be turned by chatbots are millennials by any means, in fact, according to recent reports Baby Boomers are actually 24% more likely to expect benefits from chatbots and thus be likely more open to using them. Another point to put into consideration is that the mere use of chatbots in a multitude of industries could save around $174 billion across insurance, financial services, sales and customer services fields, making chatbots certainly the most cost-efficient solution to all businesses in the market.


This is your business’s chance right here, a market that’s vastly growing and adapting to fit needs and fill in gaps between businesses and consumers in this newly formed world of immediate communications. 1.9 billion combined Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp users, estimated to grow to 3.6 billion in under 5 years. Botme can lend you a hand in creating the perfect bot to help utilize this market, so get started today.

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