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Redefining Bot Building

If there’s one thing we all know for a fact, it’s that bots have been taking the market by storm for years now that they’ve become permanent fixtures in the industry. Companies are flocking to get in on that sales channel to help their businesses be on top of the market change.


Among those existing platforms, helping business owners create the bots their businesses need, a new Bot building startup, Botme, has come into the field to add something innovative to the table. Botme is an all-inclusive standalone bot building platform. The newly launched business had raised a seed funding ground worth $100,000, proving its potential and worth on a wide scale.


We live in a world where it has become vital for the relationship between businesses and customers to be more personal. Chatbots thankfully manage to overcome all hurdles and make such a communicational link possible as the rise of conversational commerce is a breakthrough for all companies to advance their businesses in a technologically-oriented world that’s always changing.


Botme decided to take advantage of the large gap between chatbot building platforms and business operations as well as limited personalization between companies and clients and opted for building a platform that would combine two major functions, easy chatbot building, and professional business operation management.


If you’re one of the people not in the know, chatbots are commodities that came to be to tackle the two most problematic issues companies face worldwide, which are the low conversion rates and the strain put on the customer service department within. According to a study Facebook conducted, 53% of people say they are more likely to shop from a business they can message directly, in fact, 1.2 billion people use Messenger alone each month. Since the rise of mobile applications, people have slowly stopped their use of multiple apps, as, out of say 20 or 30 apps on their phones, they may only use four or five that they seem mostly attached to, those being messaging apps. People want to have fewer apps on their phones.


Why are chatbots considered commodities?


  1. Chatbots answer questions and offer information and solutions to your followers. They engage in conversations that help drive your engagement rate up as well as reach out to fans individually with messages in their inboxes.
  2. They never stop working, simultaneously talking with more than one person at the same time and never tiring.
  3. They gather information on followers and subscribers with the help of AI. With that, they can send out notifications to appeal to their interests and grab their attention.
  4. They give real-time analysis on what appealed to your entire fanbase as a whole. That can give you insight on how to appeal to more people.


Botme’s main goal is to help you build bots easily as well as manage your business professionally, as it doesn’t only help with regards to building your own bot, it can also help you integrate your business with chatbots. Botme is one of the firsts to implement such an integration, making it ahead of other bot building platforms.


One of the unique points that Botme prides itself on, is its focus on giving companies a hand in managing their own businesses. The basic Bot building product they offer, Connect, helps open a two-way communication channel between you and your customers, complete with easy to build conversation flows, and well-rounded business management that will improve your reach and conversion rates.


In addition to Botme being a standalone platform of itself, one of its products, Commerce, comes with many advantages to help you run your business. Not only can you upload your products with ease within a full conversational flow, you can integrate the bot with your ready-made website, configure sales prices, make offers and coupon codes as well as manage orders and shipping methods and send out notifications with order and status updates. You can go further into details of the performance of your bot and your eCommerce business through rich real-time analytics on both your bot and store. In fact, you can up your sales by informing customers of latest offers, events, upselling, newsletters, and collections to drive them to buy more. Additionally, you get to manage your checkout settings, shipping settings as well as fees and add various payment methods to facilitate things for your customers.


The company won’t be stopping with those two products either, as it’s just getting started to make its way into the industry. The long-term plans include ‘Restaurant’ which is believed to be a revolutionary method to manage your restaurant, business, and keep up to date with clients. Soon you’ll be able to take orders from customers via chatbots in a personal way. Followed by ‘Events’ with more in store for us Chatbot enthusiasts.


All in all, Botme is a versatile bot building platform that caters to businesses on various scales. It offers you the opportunity to customize bots in order to suit particular business needs and fields. It stands to offer businesses a new approach to taking advantage of the rise of conversational commerce. We can only wait and see what the company will manage to accomplish now that it’s found its way to the light amidst all the competition in the market.

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