The Modern Marketer’s Sharpest Weapon

Social media platforms have been considered treasure mines for marketers since people started flocking to them in droves. They played an incredible role for the past decade in promoting products and services, but as nothing is constant in this world, a new avenue has opened up that’s threatening to take the spotlight: Chatbots.


The advantages chatbots hold for marketers are numerous. First and foremost, they give the business a brand image. That image can be whatever the business intends for it to be, whether it’s refined for an upscale place, or casual and quirky for an up-and-coming or specialized business. Either way, the responses that shape the bot can help shape the business as well. It can make the brand become more approachable, and give off a non-intimidating demeanor giving leeway for potential customers to ask questions without the pressure of talking to a salesperson, while also enjoying themselves as if they were talking to real live people.


Not only that, but chatbots can actually hook people if given a particularly snarky personality. It can provide a sales avenue on its own by giving off a fun and gripping presence, drawing people to the bot and ultimately the business as well. Things don’t stop there, as chatbots can be considered extensions of the business, answering inquiries, being readily available 24/7, and capable of handling everything with efficiency and tact, saving your business from potentially bad situations and creating a fun experience.


In addition, chatbots can work in lieu of other purchasing channels, providing a light and conversational atmosphere for customers to both find out more about the available products and services, as well as be able to easily purchase anything off of the bot itself without having to move from one platform to the other. They can also provide recommendations based on acquired information from the customers and help customize the items, sales, and coupons advertised to better suit the user and motivate them to buy via the bot.


All in all, chatbots are intelligent new marketing avenues, always evolving and improving to help give off a better customer experience as well as push the business upwards. With the help of bot building platforms like Botme, marketers will be able to make the most of this revolutionary marketing shift that the world is heading towards right now.


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