The More Vocal Bots

Did you ever watch ‘I, Robot’ and think to yourself; wouldn’t it be nice if you had a voice assistant at home to get things done for you after a long day at work? That future had naturally seemed so far away, as far as Robots being common household items, but we now know that it wasn’t as far as we had initially thought – with regards to the voice assistants that is.


Big-time companies from Amazon to Google, Microsoft and recently Apple have launched their own individually programmed and designed voice assistants. Even Facebook seems to have lined up to join the major leagues and launch its own sometime this summer. This shows us how paramount those voice assistants will be to our future, not mere luxury items as they appear now.


To a lot of people, using voice assistants seems like the lazy way out of anything, but let’s face it, we’re at a time in our lives where we’re piled down with a ton of responsibilities that leave little to no room to breathe, let alone get anything else done. Inventions like voice assistants remove a major burden from our shoulders, making room in our hectic lives for us to enjoy a few restful moments here and there, get done with more important things faster and spend quality time with our loved ones.


Those voice assistants are merely more vocal bots than the chatbots spreading like wildfire through the internet, helping entire businesses soar in this technological world that’s constantly evolving. Whether your bot responds to verbal or written commands, the goal behind each innovation is to make our lives much easier and run more smoothly.

Whether they’re at work, or at home, what’s important is that our lives will feel much lighter and be less stressful for us to manage with them around.


Each and every company has used its own unique resources and variables to build the most perfect voice assistant according to its own criteria, as to show its developing strength. Have you contemplated getting your own voice assistant? Which ones are you more inclined towards?


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